Dear Business Owner:


Look, let’s be real . . . your business is your baby. Being a never-ending entrepreneur myself, I understand how difficult it can be to trust and empower others to be responsible for your baby’s well-being. But I also know that strategic partners act as lifelong caretakers, and are exactly what your business needs at this stage to protect against threats and build a secure foundation for growth.


We’ve supported and grown alongside hundreds of companies at varying stages in the entrepreneur’s journey. Some are just starting out, some are in ultra growth phases, and others are ceremoniously approaching their exit strategy.


I personally find that companies growing like yours are incredibly exciting, but also at most risk. Start-ups come and they go, but the ones that last are built on a solid strategic foundation and take things like legal and corporate strategy very seriously. 


No matter what stage our clients are going through, the successful ones all have mentors, professionals, and strategic partners whom they rely on through every step of their baby’s path to maturity.   


I'm confident that your business will benefit from the unique way we leverage our philosophy and technology to handle the serious stuff like assessing and addressing risk, and to align as strategic partners with our clients in a way that no other firm can ever do! 



Daniel E. Goodrich, Esq.

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