Happy New Year from @VirtualCounsel!


If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to wave 2020 goodbye and start fresh in 2021! We can’t wait for an opportunity to turn a new page and get the new year started off strong.

But if we’re being honest, new year’s resolutions aren’t so helpful. Operating a dynamic business in an even more dynamic world, we believe that year-long resolutions and goals aren’t as helpful as a commitment to long-lasting principles.

We plan on sharing our long-standing core principles that we’ve followed from day one, starting now! We hope that our first one, shared below, may offer inspiration on how to start your and your business’ year off strong.

  • Principle # 1: Embrace your zone of genius

Some call this “Stay in your lane,” but we’ve reframed and adopted this from “Stay in your lane” to “Embrace your zone of genius.”


Well, we’ve learned over the years that, while expanding our skill set and exploring new areas of business and law is overall a good thing, we are damn good at a certain “zone of genius.”

Our zone of genius is helping startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses become rock solid and sophisticated in the face of the fluidity and uncertainty that is sure to come in 2021 and beyond . . . and we do it in our own unique, easy-to-digest, affordable way.  

Our team wishes you a fantastic start to 2021! Hoping the new year brings you new opportunities . . . and expert legal advice to help make them happen!


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