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Payroll and benefits, all in one place.

Gusto makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team.

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Employee Onboarding
Send offer letters, e-sign and store new-hire paperwork, and set up software in just a few clicks.
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Payroll made easy
Everything syncs automatically: time tracking, new hires, benefits plans, and more.
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Benefits in one place
Gusto offers employee benefits made to fit your budget. 

Join more than 100,000 small businesses and their teams.

Run your payroll in minutes.
Payroll shouldn’t take hours. So we designed it to be easy. With just a few clicks, your team gets paid. You can even set it on AutoPilot.

Sync your team’s hours automatically. We summarize everything so you can review. Submit! Your team’s pay is on the way.


Your payroll taxes, filed automatically.

We don’t just calculate your taxes, we file them with the right government agencies every time you run payroll.

Other providers charge for this — with us, it’s included.

A fully integrated platform. Everything you need, synced with payroll.

All our features work together seamlessly on one platform — health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, time tracking, PTO, Gusto Cashout™, and more.

We play nice with others too.





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