Our Philosophy

Enough is enough! We started @VirtualCounsel to shatter the traditional law firm model and revolutionize the way businesses interact with their corporate counsel. No more awkward and expensive conversations . . . way more results!


Hourly billing is old school. It never made sense to us because hourly billing puts law firms at odds with their clients. Under the traditional model, you are incentivized to “DIY” legal work and refrain from calling your attorney out of fear of surprise legal bills. And the junior attorneys assigned to your file are incentivized to take their sweet time on your projects to justify the senior partners’ quarterly yacht party. Not cool, right?


We’ve flipped that old and clunky model on its head by insisting on unlimited communication and all-inclusive legal work.


Why? Because you need it. You need to have as many conversations as necessary with your corporate counsel for strength before a big negotiation, peace of mind before letting a founding team member go, and sound strategy before entering a new joint venture.       


You also need a predictable budget. Questioning whether you should send something to your attorney or just wing it because you’re over-budget that month is no longer an option for you or anyone else on your team. Your time and your business are too valuable for that.   


Many ask: "How can you possibly guarantee unlimited communication and all-inclusive legal work for an aggressively-priced subscription?"  Most clients are excited, surprised, and relieved when they experience what this really means. Most attorneys are blown away, angry, and skeptical as to how this works.