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“They do everything so fast. The communication is right away, you’re not calling a secretary, you’re not waiting. It’s all online where you can chat very very quickly with @VirtualCounsel in Slack and get your questions answered and then, if needed, you can hop on a quick call with them and go over what you actually need to do.”
Michael Supina
CEO, Motiv Mktg

Unlimited access to the @VC Team

We understand that legal issues can arise at any time for startups. That's why our team is always available to answer your questions, allowing you to focus on what you do best - growing your business.
Unlimited access via Slack
No unexpected bills
Rely on our experience and advice to navigate the legal complexities of a startup
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Experienced document & contract review

Receive experienced document and contract review services, ensuring that your legal documents comply with all applicable laws and regulations and protect your business.
Ensure that your legal documents are bullet-proof
Avoid costly mistakes and legal disputes
Rest easy knowing that your legal documents comply with all applicable laws and regulations

@VC Lite Subscription

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Monthly Pricing*
Custom pricing
Unlimited access to the @VC Team
Ongoing corporate counsel
Review of documents/ contracts
Lite review:

Simple review of documents/ emails, E.g., NDAs, contracts under 8 pages, etc.

Monthly video conference call with your Attorney
Routine Projects/ Work Product
Routine Projects/ Work product includes:

Day-to-day review, revision, drafting, questions, advice, etc., e.g.:

  • NDAs
  • B2B contracts
  • Vendor agreements
  • Terms of Service/Privacy Policy
  • Licensing agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • MSA/SOW's
  • Sales agreements, etc.
Employment Compliance

Audit of Client's existing employment practice/procedure, including:

  • Offer Letter, Employee Handbook
  • Severance Policy
  • Employment/ Contractor/ Severance Agreements
  • Draft/Revise agreements/policies
  • Implement SOP for Client
  • Provide on-going hiring/firing communication, documentation, and execution based on new procedures.

3 Routine Projects/
quarter are included in
this tier.

3 Routine Projects/
quarter are included in
this tier.

6 Routine Projects/
quarter are included in
this tier.

24 hr. response time
Dedicated Attorney point of contact

An Attorney-Supervised
Law Clerk will be your
dedicated point of contact

An Attorney-Supervised
Law Clerk will be your
dedicated point of contact

An Associate Attorney
will be your dedicated
point of contact

A Senior Attorney will be
your dedicated point of

Ad hoc calls / video conferences
Complex Projects/ Work Product
Complex Projects/ Work product includes:

Ties into Corporate Governance
and Employment Compliance, e.g.:

  • Cap table setup and management
  • Founder/executive stock purchase
  • Advisor/employee option grants
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • 409A consultation
  • 83(b) consultation
  • SAFEs, Convertible Notes
  • Collaboration with @VC partner
    referrals (Accounting, CPA, etc.)
  • Dispute mitigation
  • Counsel re: dispute mitigation
  • Draft/response to Cease & Desist
  • Communication with aggrieved
    third parties, creditors, collectors, opposing counsel, etc.
  • Dispute resolution
Corporate Governance


  • Corporate structure issues
  • Corporate compliance issues
  • Foundational documents
  • Board consents/resolutions
  • Shareholder consents/resolutions
  • Comprehensive company audit to
    find weak points
Regulatory Guidance

Industry-specific research and
advice, e.g.:

  • FinTech and financial services
  • Branding/marketing guidance
  • Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain
  • GDPR/CCPA regulations
  • HIPAA guidance
  • nternational operations, etc.

3 Complex Projects/
quarter are included in
this tier.

3 Complex Projects/
quarter are included in
this tier.

Deeper quarterly strategy call
Collaboration with partners
(CFO, CPA, etc.)
Custom legal@yourdomain.com managed by @VC
Executive & board management
Tech access

Meet the humans behind @VirtualCounsel

At @VC, we believe in the power of human connection. By working with real people, you can trust that your unique needs and concerns will be heard and addressed.

Daniel Goodrich

Founder & CEO
Daniel considers himself a "recovering corporate attorney." He built @VirtualCounsel along with the badass team you see here as his deepest expression of how the corporate world could be - a balance of business, tech, efficiency, and authentic human interaction. Daniel has been practicing law since 2012 and is licensed in California, Hawai'i, District of Columbia, and New York (pending).

Fun fact: Daniel is conversationally fluent in Spanish and drives from his home in La Jolla, CA south across the border to find uncrowded oceans as often as possible. It has been said he makes a mean margarita as well!

Quin Revel

Managing Attorney
Quin has been instrumental in growing @VirtualCounsel from the solo practice it was when it first started to the powerhouse it currently is! He has been practicing law since 2014 and has a keen eye for the balance between business opportunity and legal risk, being able to communicate complex concepts in straightforward terms with clients so they can make smart decisions about their business.

Fun fact: Quin is a father of two and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Hayden Hargrove

Associate Attorney
Hayden is the newest attorney at @VirtualCounsel, having graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2023. He is on the front line of all things early-stage startups, technology, and venture capital.

Fun fact: Hayden is a former college basketball player and diehard Boston Celtics fan.

Saviana Kassab

Saviana is the MVParalegal here at @VirtualCounsel. She graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Administration and completed her Paralegal Program at USD School of Law with honors. She is currently pursuing her JD/MBA.

Fun Fact:  Saviana is a new mom to baby boy Ryker!

Luis Barrios

Legal Assistant
Born and raised in Venezuela, Luis is an attorney himself. He graduated in 2016 from the Central University of Venezuela. He handles client outreach as well as internal administrative tasks that involve him in almost all areas of @VirtualCounsel.

Fun fact: Luis is a big time astronomy aficionado!

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The pricing outlined above is based on a monthly billing cycle and requires a minimum quarterly contract commitment. Clients are billed on a quarterly basis for the services provided during the preceding months.

* Annual Pricing Discount:
For clients seeking a long-term commitment, we offer an annual pricing option with a 20% discount. This discounted rate is applicable when the full annual fee is paid in advance at the beginning of the contract term.
Please note that all pricing is subject to our terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us for further details or customization of services to meet your specific needs.

** Custom Add-Ons ("A la carte" Projects):
Should your business require additional services beyond the subscription, you have the flexibility to include these services as needed. These "A la carte" projects are available at an extra cost in addition to your monthly subscription. Starting at $3,000, these projects can be seamlessly integrated into your subscription to meet evolving needs and challenges.

Special Discounts for A La Carte Projects:

  • Clients subscribed to @VC Lite enjoy a 10% discount on all "A la carte" items.
  • Clients subscribed to @VC Startup enjoy a 15% discount on all "A la carte" items.
  • Clients subscribed to @VC Growth & @VC Fractional enjoy a 20% discount on "A la carte" project

Exception: Corporate Transactions and Capital Fundraising are not available under our a la carte pricing. Please note that the pricing for these specialized services is determined through case-by-case negotiations.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information regarding our "A la carte" options, and to explore how they can complement your subscription package.

Updated 08/08/2023 – @VirtualCounsel reserves the right to make changes.